A Brief Description of Current Goings-On at the Alemany Farm in the July 26, 2006 Best of the Bay issue of the San Francisco Bay Guardian by Chris Carlsson

At the foot of Bernal Heights, nestled near Alemany Boulevard and Interstate 280, lie four pristine acres where, once upon a time, folks dumped their dead car batteries, useless appliances, and lousy furniture. Skip that way these days, though, and you'll find fields of kale, chard, and broccoli; apple, fig, and kumquat orchards; and silhouettes of urban cowboys and cowgirls harvesting the land. Welcome to Alemany Farm-- San Francisco's self-proclaimed “only farm.” Originally cleaned up and seeded by the San Francisco Urban League of Gardeners, the farm lay abandoned in recent years until, two winters ago, volunteers descended to sow and reap it under the banner of the Alemany Farm Cooperative. Using a community-supported-agriculture model, the volunteers have engendered a cornucopia. Now the group is working with the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center and the nearby Alemany Housing Development to expand its community activism--which, says volunteer Christine Pelletier, is “about food justice issues: making people aware of where their food comes from; making organic, healthy food available to everyone; and getting people involved in that cycle.”

–Chris Carlsson, San Francisco Bay Guardian