Friends of Alemany Farm is a volunteer group that manages the horticulture, volunteer, and educational programs at Alemany Farm, a 3.5 acre organic farm ecosystem in southeast San Francisco.

Our Mission

Friends of Alemany Farm grows food security and educates local residents about how they can become their own food producers. We strive to increase ecological knowledge and habitat value, and to sow the seeds for economic and environmental justice. All of the food we grow is given away for freeā€”to neighbors, volunteers, The Free Farm Stand, and other groups.

We pursue four main goals:

  • Fostering Environmental Education by introducing children and adults to the idea that local food production can be part of a healthy ecosystem, and inspiring visitors to start their own gardens at home.
  • Boosting Food Security by providing organic, healthy food to community members.
  • Growing Leaders through the communal ethic of the barn-raising that encourages people to play an active role in decision-making.
  • Promoting Ecological-Economic Development by using urban agriculture as a way to develop job skills.

Want to learn more about the farm? Our friend Lori Eanes shot the below video, check it out!


Our Friends and Partners:

San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department
Yerba Buena Nursery
The Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems
San Francisco Beekeepers Association

San Francisco Gardening Resources:

San Francisco Garden for the Environment

Food Security/Food Justice:

Organic Consumers Association
Organic Farming Research Foundation
Earth Share of California
Pesticide Action Network North America
Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy
Californians for Pesticide Reform (CPR)

Seed to Plate Education:

Slide Ranch
Vida Verde Nature Education
Hidden Villa
The Edible Schoolyard
Literacy for Environmental Justice