VOTE! Yes on Prop 37 and Prop B

Dear Farm Friends:

We’re writing today with a special election message encouraging you to vote YES on two measures that advance the mission of Alemany Farm: Proposition 37 and SF’s Prop B.

California’s Proposition 37 will require that processed foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) carry a label informing consumers of those ingredients. There are a variety of reasons to be hesitant about genetically modified crops. Ecologists worry that the spread of GM crops is reducing biodiversity, cutting down on the habitat of species like the monarch butterfly, and failing in its central promises to boost food production and cut down on the amount of chemicals we use in our agriculture system. Many farmers fear the consequences of having our seeds, and therefore our food supply, controlled by a handful of corporations.

But regardless of your views on GM technology, almost everyone agrees that we have the right to know what’s in the food we eat. For that reason alone, Friends of Alemany Farm urges you to vote YES on Proposition 37.

To learn more, visit:

If you are a San Francisco voter, we also urge you to vote YES on Proposition B.

The San Francisco Clean and Safe Neighborhood Park Bond will provide badly needed resources to the SF Recreation and Park Department. In the past, Friends of Alemany Farm has expressed some frustrations with RPD management, and we share many of our friends’ and allies’ concerns about some of the department’s priorities. But in the final analysis we feel that SF RPD can only benefit from increased resources.

The bond is focused on improving playgrounds, pools, playfields, trails, tree planting, ADA improvements, nature restoration, environmental remediation and park development along the waterfront. Prop. B also includes $12 million for the Community Opportunity Fund (COF). COF grants may be applied for by community groups doing programs and activities on Rec & Park land. Friends of Alemany Farm and other grassroots groups doing urban agriculture projects could benefit greatly from this funding.

So please vote YES on Proposition B.

And if you have any doubt that your individual vote matters, check out this video over at The Nation, produced by one of the Alemany Farm co-managers:

And when you’re done voting, come on out to the Farm and get your hands dirty at one of our upcoming community workdays:
Saturday, Nov 10
Monday, Nov 12
Sunday, Nov 17
Monday, Nov 18

Thanks, as always, for all of your work to make SF more food secure,

The Farm Team