Alemany Farm’s Holiday Wish List

Dear Farm Friends:

We hope that each of you had a bountiful and restful Thanksgiving holiday. At Alemany Farm it’s feeling like autumn. The garlic has started to sprout, much of the winter cover crop is in, and we’re eagerly expecting the arrival of our 2012 strawberries, which we will plant this coming weekend. For the next couple of weeks we’ll be putting woodchip mulch on the paths to keep down grasses over the rainy season.

As we look back on our successful 2011 season and plan for next year, we’ve been thinking about what materials, tools, and equipment we need to keep the garden and orchards thriving. So we’ve prepared a little bit of a holiday wish list. If you — or any aspiring Santas you’re friends with — have extra tools lying around your garage or basement, we hope you’ll consider donating them to Alemany Farm. Scroll down and you’ll find the items we hope to find in our stockings, including a list of native plants.

If you have an in-kind tool or plant donation to make, please contact us at

Of course, you can always make a monetary donation to us via our fiscal sponsor, The SF Parks Alliance. Please visit
to make your tax-deductible donation today. All donations help to pay for equipment, seeds, and plants to keep our all-volunteer garden alive.

And please mark your calendars for these regularly scheduled community workdays:
Sunday, Dec 4, Noon to 5 PM
Monday, Dec 5, 1 PM to 5 PM
Saturday, Dec 10, Noon to 5 PM
Monday, Dec 12, 1 PM to 5 PM
Sunday, Dec 18, Noon to 5 PM
Monday, Dec 19, 1 PM to 5 PM
* * * Please Note, we will be CLOSED on Dec 24, Dec 26, and Jan 1 for the Holidays • • •

Thanks, as always, for all of your work to make SF more food secure,

The Farm Team


Digging Forks (10)

Hand Pruners (10)

Rain gauge (1)

Loppers (5)

Pruning Saws (5)

Hand Trowels (20)

Pick-mattocks (5)

Shovels (5)

Axe (1) and Axe Handle (1)

Machetes (3)

File, for tool sharpening (1)

Watering wands with handles (4)

Wire brushes, for cleaning tools (5)

Nuts and bolts (of various sizes)

Easy-up/farmers’ market tent (1)

Reusable bags and/or buckets (various sizes)

Water keys (3)

Wooden stakes (36)

Rope/wire/twine/string (various strengths)

Plastic Tarps (3)


Coast Tarweed
Hedge nettle
Yerba buena
Hummingbird fuchsia/
Dwarf Coyote Brush
Coyote brush
Kellogg’s yampah
Blue Dicks
Hedge nettle
Silk tassel
Blue Blossom
Western sword fern
Giant Chain fern
Western goldenrod
CA goldenrod
Coast Goldenrod
Canada goldenrod
Common bog rush
Spreading rush
Iris Leaved Rush
Oso Berry
CA Buttercup
Wild Hollyhock, checkerbloom
Blue eyed grass
Red Elderberry
Hummingbird sage
CA Blackberry
Sticky/bush monkeyflower
Alum root
Creambush/ocean spray
Douglas Iris
Coast Buckwheat
Soap plant
Farewell to Spring
Creek Dogwood
Coast Aster
Common Tarweed
Coastal Tarweed
Ithuriel’s spear
Sun Cups
CA Phacelia
CA Wild Cucumber
Pearly Everlasting
Mule’s Ears
Mexican whorled milkweed