Help Us Lead Field Trips at Alemany Farm!

We hope that each of you had a relaxing and reinvigorating holiday break. The farm is quiet this time of year but there’s still plenty of work to be done, including maintaining our compost piles, trail building and maintenance, weeding the strawberries and garlic, and winter tree care.

So please join us at the Farm for one of our upcoming workdays:
Sunday, Jan 16
Monday, Jan 17
Saturday, Jan 22
Mon, Jan 24

Even in the midst of the winter, we’re busy hosting all kinds of field trips and community groups. If you want to arrange a field trip for your school, office, or community organization, please send an email to and we will try to accommodate you.

Speaking of field trips, for the fourth year in a row Friends of Alemany Farm is partnering with the leadership in the Alemany Housing Development and the SF Dept of the Environment to host field trips for public schools in the City. We’re looking for trained, qualified educators to help lead the field trips.

Below is a job announcement. If you have experience in environmental education, we hope you will apply.

Thanks, as always, for making SF more food secure.

The Farm Team

Job Announcement: Alemany Farm Field Trip Co-Educator

Application Deadline: January 18, 2011
Positions Available: 2
To apply, please send resume, cover letter and three references to:

Program and Job Description:
Alemany Farm is an educational urban organic farm located in the Southern Bernal Heights Neighborhood of San Francisco. For four years the Alemany Farm School Educational Field Trips Program has brought San Francisco teens closers to nature, closer to the earth and most of all closer to their food. Educators co-teach 1-hour-long in-class pre-trip presentations covering issues relevant to Alemany Farm. Topics discussed are Food and Environmental Justice, Organic Agriculture, Food Miles, Perennial Agriculture and Orchards, Bioremediation, as well as broader issues such as Recycling, Composting, and Climate Change. During the on-site field trip students experience a farm tour, a group gardening activity including weeding, composting, and general garden maintenance. With teacher facilitation, students collectively harvest greens, other veggies and fruits for a salad. After students head back to school, co-educators clean-up the farm and food prep areas, take out the recycling and lock gate.

Job Requirements:
Two educators will be hired to work in partnership with one other community-based organization (4 educators in total) in the co-teaching, administration and co-facilitation of 10 Middle and High School Field Trips. Educator must be able to work Wednesdays from 9:30am-1:30pm for a period of ten weeks starting in early March ending early June 2011. One-hour in-class pre-trip presentations are given before classes visit the farm. Applicants must be able to perform these pre-trip presentations in addition to the regular on-site field trips. * * * Please note that this position is temporary and part time* * *

Skill Set Preferred:
Garden educators, environmental educators and other teachers are encouraged to apply. Highly qualified candidates will have significant youth education experience. Applicants will have an understanding of class and racial injustice in the Food System and must be able to work in diverse environments with teachers and students of varying ethnicities, genders, classes, races, and sexual orientations. Strong applicants will be multi-lingual in Spanish and/or Chinese. A familiarity with with Alemany Farm and experience volunteering there is also a plus.

Spare a Sandwich for Alemany Farm

Dear Farm Friends:

We’re writing to ask you a favor.

In the last five years since we revitalized an abandoned garden and turned it into Alemany Farm, we’ve never sought financial donations from our volunteers. After all, you already give so much. You give your time, your energy, and your enthusiasm for a sustainable food system.

But even as an all-volunteer-run organization that has no personnel costs, it does take money to keep Alemany Farm thriving — money for irrigation equipment, seeds, vegetable starts, and tools.

So we’re hoping that you can keep our farm thriving by making a tax-deductible donation to Friends of Alemany Farm to help cover our materials costs in 2011. Just visit our donation page to make a secure donation through our fiscal sponsor, the San Francisco Parks Trust.

Here’s a reminder of some of our accomplishments at Alemany Farm in 2010:

• We hosted more than two dozen field trips with elementary school students, high schoolers, college students, religious organizations, and corporate groups. These field trips exposed hundreds of people to the rewards of organic gardening.

• We grew several thousand pounds of organic fruits and vegetables. About half of the harvests went to households in the Alemany Public Housing Community via our summertime free farm stand. The other half was shared among our many amazing volunteers.

• We organized our second annual Apprenticeship in Ecological Horticulture that gave two dozen adult learners in-depth education about urban food production.

• We hosted 100 community workdays at which people came from across San Francisco and around the Bay to get their hands dirty to make our city more food secure.

You can help us continue this work in 2011 by clicking here and making a donation to help pay for materials costs in the season to come.

If everyone on this email list were to make a $5 donation, we could cover all of our costs for the next two years. You can barely get an organic sandwich in the Mission for $5, so we hope this isn’t too much to ask.

Please consider making a year-end donation to Friends of Alemany Farm today by visiting our donation page. Together, we can help to make San Francisco and the Bay Area more food secure.

Happy Holidays!

The Farm Team