Alemany Workdays: Mark Your Calendars

Dear Farm Friends:

When two different months split a single weekend, our workday schedule gets complicated. 

To clear up any confusion about our upcoming workdays, please mark your calendars:

  1. Saturday, Jan 31, Noon to 5 PM
  2. Monday, Feb 2, 1 to 5 PM
  3. Saturday, Feb 7, Noon to 5 PM
  4. Monday, Feb 8 1 to 5 PM
  5. Saturday, Feb 14, Noon to 5 PM

At most of these workdays, we will be continuing on winter tasks such as maintaing the native gardens and herb garden, mulching paths, and fruit tree care. We will also start planting some of our new apple trees. 

On Feb 14, we hope to be planting several dozen new trees along the south edge of the property to screen the Farm from the freeway.

Thanks, as always, for all of your work to make SF more food secure. 

The Farm Team 

Janurary Rain?

Farm Friends:

By now, if you’re like us, you’re wondering: um, isn’t this winter? Shouldn’t we be cold, cozying up inside, or at least putting mud-flaps on our bikes?

Well, if climate change (aka global weirding) has got you down, come out to the farm for far-too-early-spring cheer!

Besides our upcoming January workdays (this coming Saturday, the 24th; Monday, the 26th, and Saturday the 31st), we will be hosting a free workshop on how to build cold-frames out of strawbales.  This will take place on the 24th, at around 3pm. Once we’re done, we’ll rally up with the rest of the volunteers to distribute the harvests from the day.

Thank you, as always, for your efforts to make SF more food secure,

The Farm Team