Do you have a favorite recipe for winter squash? How do you use up that huge sack of kale you got from the farm last week? Does anyone have any idea on earth how to cook a loquat?

The Alemany Cookbook Team is looking for recipes of all types- vegan, raw, meat-loving, healthy, decadent, hearty and warm, cool and light, traditional, unusual, and everything in between. The only requirement is that the recipe feature one or more central ingredients either grown on the farm (fruits, veggies, herbs) or foraged in San Francisco (weeds!). We will use your recipes to create the second annual Alemany Farm Volunteers’ Cookbook, hopefully in an expanded format. A few guidelines:

• Please submit all recipes and questions to Ellen at by July 31. You can attach a MS Word document or paste your recipe directly into the email. This will ensure that the cookbook is printed and available at the next Harvest Festival in the fall.

• Submit as many recipes as you’d like, but be aware that we may not be able to print all of them.

• Please include original recipes only, as in, nothing copied directly from another printed source. If you have a favorite recipe from another cookbook that you want to share, tinker with at least two of the ingredients to make it your own– increase or decrease quantities, add or delete ingredients, etc. No one wants the farm to get sued for copyright infringement.

• If you have photos of the farm, are interested in taking photos of the farm, or would like to contribute illustrations to the cookbook, please let us know.

• Be creative!

The Alemany Cookbook Team

Fun in the Sun Sunday

Dear Farm Friends:

The veggies loved the hot weather this week, and the garden is poppin right now. As you can feel from the fog, the weather is turning cooler, but Sunday is expected to be sunny.

During our June 15 workday (noon-5 PM) we’ll continue to clear the ground for the new medicinal herb garden. The Herb Team made a great start last weekend and we”ll keep pressing ahead in preparation for planting later this month. If you have special knowledge of medicinal herbs to share or would like more information about the herb garden, please contact Richard at 863-7720.
On Sunday there will also be opportunities to plant our next round of lettuces, bunching onions, and salad mix. We’ll also dig up and start to field-cure some of our many different garlics. As always, weeding to be done.

At the end of the afternoon we’ll harvest broccoli, squash, basil, lettuces, berries, and greens to share all around.

Maps, directions and cool photos available 24/7 at

Thanks, as always, for your work to make San Francisco more food secure.

The Farm Team

Join Us for Herb Planting

Dear Farm Friends:

This Saturday, June 7, we will begin the process of preparing the soil for our new medicinal herb garden at the Alemany Farm. We need your help to make it a success! We will be working on a prime new location at the Farm, perfectly suited for herbs – and we’re looking for people who want to be part of our Medicinal Herb Team! There will be a lot to do and learn about herbs over the coming weeks and months and we could especially use your help this weekend.

Of course there will be lots of other tasks to do at the Farm on Saturday if you’d like to help elsewhere. The Farm is beginning to show its beautiful summer bounty and we could use your help in any number of ways.

For more information about the Farm, go to

For more information about the new medicinal herb garden, contact Jessie at or Richard at

Thanks, as always, for your efforts to make San Francisco more food secure.

The Farm Team